The purpose of this course was to work with an interdiciplinary team of environmental scientists in order to produce a definsible evaluation of the potential environmental impacts resulting from the proposed hydroelectric development of Ruth Creek, WA. Additionally, an alternative proposal was selected by our team to offer comparable amounts of hydroelectric power production: The Cle Elum Hydroelectric Project. This website presents how severe the impacts will be from no action (which, in this case, is synonymous with existing conditions as the area of interest is within federally protected lands), the impacts resulting from the proposed development on Ruth Creek, and impacts from the suggested alternative to retrofit the existing Cle Elum Dam with hydroelectric capabilities. The team of undergraduates that compiled this analysis, and their respective roles in its development, are:

Trevor Gearhart – Elements: Air, Water, Land Use & Utilities

Andrea Campbell – Elements: Vegetation, Environmental Health, Transportation

Darcie Williams – Permits, Public Announcement Letter, Co-Editor

Daniel Skillman –  Elements: Animals, Recreation, Historic & Cultural Preservation

Paul Whelan – Elements: Earth, Aesthetics; GIS, Executive Summary, Editor


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